As your full service jeweler we offer a variety of services to address all your jewelry needs. For additional information on these services please select from the menu below.

appraisals2We offer in-store professional appraisal clinics thru out the year, usually the third Thursday of every month. Backed with education, experience and appropriate equipment, our certified gemologist can answer any of your questions. Your jewellery never leaves the store. A jewellery appraisal, for insurance purposes, is an opinion regarding the authenticity, quality, design and replacement value of a piece of jewellery. Many people believe that the declared value is the most important aspect of an appraisal, however an accurate description of the piece’s design and components( the metal and stones) is really the key to establishing a precise evaluation. It is recommended that specific items listed on your insurance policy be appraised every two or three years to keep the value current.

With a full-time engraver and our state-of-the art computer engraving machine, we are able to offer customer engraving designed to fit all of your needs in a timely fashion. Using thousands of different fonts, the ability to scan in Company logos and engrave on a variety of items with our state-of-the art computer guided laser engraving machine, few jobs are beyond our capabilities. Please check out our Laser Arts section for more information.
Fine jewellery is normally very durable, however, over time it can wear and unintended abuse does occur. We recommend your jewellery be professionally cleaned and checked every six (6) months, to insure that the stones are tight,there is not too much wear on the mountings and that normal maintenance is taken before loss of a stone or damage occurs to your item. Maintaining your jewellery can prolong the life of the item and prevent any loss of valuable treasures. We are always pleased to clean and inspect your jewellery while you wait, as one of our complimentary services.
Every so often, you deserve to have something completely new and just for you! We can assist you with ideas and a new design that encompasses your rings, gold and stones.
Remounting is a great way to utilize your diamonds or coloured gems and create a new work of art. We have a wide selection of semi-mounts and can order from a variety of manufacturing facilities to create an affordable piece of jewellery that you will be proud of for years to come.
With over 35 years of experience, you can be certain that all repairs to your jewellery and watches will be carried out in a professional manner. Our trades people take the utmost pride and attention to detail in all they do. Our repairs are covered by a six(6) month warranty against any faults in our workmanship.